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I'm just looking around at the interesting things... queer theory, identity politics, of course--but also pop culture, relationship diversity, documentary, faith, humor, cartoons, other kinds of art, and the rest of it


White, physically abled, medical diagnosis of depression, self diagnosed social deficit

Living in NYC aspiring to do something important, meantime working at SweetGreen, the agent of gentrification coming to willyburg soon (ack)

Bisexual, agender, DFAB

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Chicago Greyhound station selfie


(This was written by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Passing it on as it’s a very useful set of tips)

I have seen a lot of people in my life, myself included, going through hard times right now with the extreme escalation of colonial violence in Palestine. People…

I’ve got a real problem with this oversimplified analysis of American conservative anti-choicers having some responsibility to take in the immigrant kids. Like no we need to keep children as far away from these people as possible, first of all, and second, why are white liberals using brown babies to pack a political punch line.


The fact that thousands of Palestinians have been killed or injured by Israel over the past week, while only a tiny fraction of that number of Israelis have been killed or injured by Palestinians, only goes to show how much of a massacre this “conflict” is.

But even if the number of casualties on…


Spoken word by: Kai Davis-  Fuck I Look Like

I love this so much. I live by this.

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the last one tho

you sir are fucking amazing

when was this on adult swim? 

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"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"
"Women have to protect other women"

And that means white women protecting WOC.
Cis women protecting trans women.
Straight women protecting queer women.
Abled women protecting disabled women.
Not just white cishet abled women protecting other white cishet abled women.

Not to mention that the woman in the gif is Angel Haze, a pansexual black indigenous woman  (who has some Native ancestry). 

[angel haze highly values her native ancestry, she’s a member of cherokee nation and taught herself tsalagi, and it’s important that we acknowledge that, esp. considering the lack of native american voice in so much media]

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